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We believe our service should respect the built-in sovereignty of Bitcoin. In addition to providing a self-custody service, we developed a software architecture that relies on no third parties to provide the service and its software. Moreover, Assets365 software development process is not constrained by third-party platforms (e.g. Apple, Google) and does not use third parties to host client data.


Since 2O22, Assets365 has obtained necessary permissions to provide services to autonomous provinces. Assets365 is backed by modern data protection laws to create a maximally secure environment for digital assets. To date, Assets365 has no alliance formed by third parties. Within this stable framework, a globally unique range of secure and discreet asset management services has emerged. The existing Constitution of 1848 and far-sighted banking legislation qualifies Assets365 as a safe haven for private assets, especially in times of crisis. With forward looking blockchain legislation, Assets365 has as well created regulatory certainty for anyone owning or managing Bitcoin. In a nutshell, your Bitcoins are nowhere as safe as in Assets365.


Assets365 charges a fee for the provision of the Services (the "Assets365 Crypto Self-Custody Service Fee"). The Crypto Self-Custody Service Fee is a recurring fee that is calculated as a percentage of a client's USD denominated average monthly balance of Virtual Currencies on the Crypto Self-Custody (the "Monthly Recurring Service Fee"). The Assets365 Crypto Self-Custody Service Fee shall accrue as soon as the Assets365 User Account has been successfully opened and the value of the Virtual Currencies held on the Crypto Self-Custody is more than USD 10’000.  The Daily Recurring Service Fee shall be the greater of the annual average of USD denominated value of Virtual Currencies on the Crypto Self-Custody multiplied by the percentage displayed below; or the Minimum Monthly Service Fee displayed below.

Annual Average Value of Virtual Currency in USD Monthly Recurring Service Fee Minimum Monthly Service Fee
Up to USD 10,000 FREE FREE
From USD 10,000 1.5% $100
From USD 50,000 0.95% $100
From USD 100,000 0.9% $100

Any Assets365 Self-Custody Service Fee shall be due and paid within three (3) days of receiving the invoice, which will usually be sent on the last day of the calendar month. The first Crypto Self-Custody Minimum Service Fee is due within three (3) days after the value of your Virtual Currency Assets is more than USD 10’000. The Assets365 Crypto Self-Custody Service Fee must be settled in BTC and will not be automatically charged to the client's Crypto Self-Custody. On the anniversary of the first Minimum Monthly Service Fee payment, the Monthly Recurring Service Fee will be due. The paid Minimum Service Fee will be deducted from the invoiced Monthly Recurring Service Fee.  In case you were charged the Minimum Yearly Service Fee at the beginning of the month and your balance at the end of the monyh is below USD 10’000, the Minimum Yearly Service Fee shall still be due for the month to come. The Payment may occur either by a wire of BTC to the Bitcoin Self-Custody Wallet or from any other wallet. In case a Assets365 Crypto Self-Custody Service Fee has not been settled within a given time period, the Assets365 User Account will be deactivated. As an example, if a user opens a Crypto Self-Custody Account with the equivalent of USD 100’000 in Crypto in it, he is charged a Minimum Fee of USD 100 within three days of opening the account. On the one month anniversary, assuming the user held monthly average assets of USD 100’000 on the Crypto Self-Custody, a Monthly Recurring Service Fee of USD 900 will be invoiced (USD 100’000*0.90%-USD 100 Paid Minimum Fee).


Please bear in mind that the Service Fee has to be paid in BTC exclusively. The Fiat price of the plan is fixed, the BTC amount is calculated based on the latest BTC price. By paying the fee, you are granted full access to all of the Crypto Self-Custody features. The fee is paid in advance for the upcoming month.A banner will appear at the top of your dashboard when any fees (e.g. renewal fees, outstanding fees) are due.Please tap on ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ to proceed with the process.On the next screen please tap ‘Send’ to proceed with the payment or ‘Copy’ to copy the receiving address for payment from another wallet.To make the transfer from an external wallet, please go to the send feature of the external wallet and paste there the receiving address copied from the Crypto Self Custody. Please keep in mind that the rate updates every 30 minutes. Please be aware that VAT will also be included in this payment, calculated at your local rate. Please note that the Fiat value of the payment is fixed. The Bitcoin value is calculated at the latest Bitcoin exchange rate price which will refresh every thirty minutes. The timer can be viewed at the bottom of the window. Please be aware that you have to pay this network fee in addition to the amount you wish to send. The estimated network fee will be calculated proportionally and is displayed in your default Fiat currency.


In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, refunds are not possible.

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