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In a world controlled by central banks, governments and intermediaries, everything you do is tracked and everything you own is dependent on the approval of these institutions. You are not free, you are 100% relying on these institutions and often do not even own your own assets. Bitcoin is the antithesis of this. Bitcoin creates a new monetary system. A monetary system built on the principles of freedom, independence, self-determination and inclusiveness. The pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin devised a pair of revolutionary, intertwined concepts to set its users free of the tyranny of central organisations and governments: the Bitcoin private key and the blockchain ledger. When you hold Bitcoin, you control it through a private key — a string of randomized numbers and letters that unlocks a virtual vault containing your assets. Each private key is tracked on the virtual ledger called the blockchain. Both concepts together enable every individual to become their own bank, being 100% in control of their own assets. In contrast, when you buy Bitcoins from an exchange or a bank and store them there, you do not actually own your Bitcoins. Exchanges and banks have total control because they own the private key to your Bitcoins. By doing so, your assets are exposed to severe privacy and security risks. And in case of bankruptcy or a hack, you can lose everything. Aligned with the needs of sophisticated private investors, seeking independence from tyranny central organisations, we have built Bitcoin Self-Custody - an institutional grade self-custody solution to store our own Bitcoin. The core value proposition of Assets365 is not only trading but also to guarantee the secure and discreet self-custody storage of Bitcoin.


We believe our service should respect the built-in sovereignty of Bitcoin. In addition to providing a self-custody service, we developed a software architecture that relies on no third parties to provide the service and its software. Moreover, Assets365 software development process is not constrained by third-party platforms (e.g. Apple, Google) and does not use third parties to host client data.


Assets365 is a web-only company. This means that we purposefully refrain from providing a smartphone app, as we believe that an app would compromise the security of your Bitcoin. “Every app initially poses an additional security risk, even if it is a legitimate offer” - German Federal Office for Information Security. App users have to trust the manufacturer of their device and its operating system (e.g. Apple or Google) as well as the publishers of the app. Users must also be able to trust the third party over which data is exchanged before downloading apps and saving or sending data. Assets365s does not want to expose its clients to this risk and therefore does not offer a smartphone app. The entity that owns the app store (e.g. Apple or Google) will know that you have a particular app installed, as will your mobile phone service provider. These entities may also collect statistics around use. To guarantee the ultimate level of privacy, we have decided not to offer a smartphone app to our clients.


You can access your account via all modern web browsers by visiting our web app. Please ensure Javascript is enabled. Our web app has been fully optimized with a ‘mobile first’ approach, meaning it is accessible to all mobile devices.


Cryptocurrencies are traded like shares on crypto exchanges. In order to buy Bitcoins, you have to register with a reputable provider and verify your identity. This verification is usually done by showing your identity card or passport and serves to prevent money laundering and criminal transactions. There are 100s of crypto exchanges where you may buy Bitcoin. There are differences in the respective providers in terms of variations in price and trading volume, fees, reputation and, consequently, the trustworthiness, security and complexity as well as clarity of the platforms. As the owner and operators of Numbrs, we have had personal good experiences and can therefore recommend the crypto exchanges Coinbase and Binance. GOOD TO KNOW: You don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin. A Bitcoin can be divided into smaller units. This means that smaller sums, such as 100 EUR, can also be converted into Bitcoin. Other various Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDC, USDT are also available. USDT is good for converting your crypto funds into something stable during times of high volatility. This can help you lock in prices and avoid flunctuations in the market.


Please notice that 'Cold Storage' must be disabled before receiving Bitcoin. You can find more information here.To log in, please navigate to the login page.Please open your exchange account and log in.On your dashboard, please click on ‘Receive’ to copy your wallet address.Once a transaction has been successfully executed to your Bitcoin Self Custody, this transaction will be visible on your timeline.

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